Rules of Roleplaying

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Rules of Roleplaying

Post by Blade on Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:25 pm

Welcome to Roleplaying,

Fine arts, how I love them.  Personally, I think anything can be considered an art, like painting, sculpting, composing (music), literature, roleplaying, and more.  That's why this is here: to allow you to express your creativity through roleplaying and literature, as well as to allow you to have some fun!  Like usual, I have to go over basic rules again, so bear with me, and hopefully this will be brief.

Strike System:

Alright, as much as I really don't like doing this, there needs to be some rules.  You get three strikes, and then you're out.  It's that simple.  Below will further explain.

0 Strikes: You're all good!
One Strike: Warning
Two Strikes: Ban of One Day, second warning
Three Strikes: You're out!  Ban of one week, and loss of certain privileges, and loss of moderator access
Anymore Issues: Ban of forum for a duration of time for various reasoning

Now, it is possible to remove any strikes.  This will be on account of good behavior on the forum.  If I or another higher-up says you've been acting properly, you will lose one strike, giving you more liberty.  This will also allow you, though you have to be repacked, become a Moderator again if in red/on strike 3.

The opposite can be the same.  If a Moderator or higher-up reports you for bad behavior (and is stated), a strike may be given out.  Things such as asking for location of users, repeated harassment of users, pornography, photos of people (including yourself), and other naughty actions can result in a ban, however.

Keep everything PG-13 or below.  Mild language will be allowed, but if it takes up majority of your post, it will be deleted.  If you want to make something hot and steamy, go do that on email or personal messaging.  Otherwise, it will be classified as pornography to me, and you will be banned.

Thank you, and enjoy your various roleplaying!
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