Rules of Politics

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Rules of Politics

Post by Blade on Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:02 pm

Welcome to Politics,

Politics are a key piece when it comes to NationStates.  They can decide fate, decide a country's government and such, and a bunch more other things I'm too lazy to put. Like usual, I have to go over basic rules again, so bear with me, and hopefully this will be brief.

Strike System:

Alright, as much as I really don't like doing this, there needs to be some rules.  You get three strikes, and then you're out.  It's that simple.  Below will further explain.

0 Strikes: You're all good!
One Strike: Warning
Two Strikes: Ban of One Day, second warning
Three Strikes: You're out!  Ban of one week, and loss of certain privileges, and loss of moderator access
Anymore Issues: Ban of forum for a duration of time for various reasoning

Now, it is possible to remove any strikes.  This will be on account of good behavior on the forum.  If I or another higher-up says you've been acting properly, you will lose one strike, giving you more liberty.  This will also allow you, though you have to be repacked, become a Moderator again if in red/on strike 3.

The opposite can be the same.  If a Moderator or higher-up reports you for bad behavior (and is stated), a strike may be given out.  Things such as asking for location of users, repeated harassment of users, pornography, photos of people (including yourself), and other naughty actions can result in a ban, however.

There is one other thing I need to bring up.  You are physically allowed to debate and make "court cases," but please label as them.  (Ex: Court Case: Aisor v. The Yandere States of Blade)  If it is not, I, or another Moderator, will be forced to take it down and deal out a strike.

Thank you, and enjoy your time discussing politics, and may the odds ever be in your favor during debates.
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